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Using a blog for your „Facharbeit“

13. März 2010

The basic idea is simple:

  • pupils could use a way to communicate about and work on their Facharbeit (FA), ideally online
  • a blog allows collecting links/parts of  texts/complete documents
  • a blog allows sharing and discussing your findings with others (including  your teacher, who wants to see a first draft … ;-))

All this can be done in a wiki, too. I have always enjoyed and still enjoy working with them (e.g. www.rmgwiki.de).

BUT in a wiki you have no chance of

  • keeping anything private,
  • working on an extended  first draft before publishing it
  • sharing copyrighted materials  with just a limited number of users
  • permanently deleting anything you have ever written

So I hope to use wordpress as an easy way to do those few things a wiki – by definition – can’t and won’t do.

The reason why I don’t use moodle here is that

  • creating and administrating a blog here is much easier and done more quickly.
  • Moddle can do more, but access is more limited and I don’t want to have to ask a moodle administrator, if I want a new „course“ to be created.
  • a blog doesn’t „smell of school“ as much as Moodle in Unterfranken does. It is more something private that pupils (esp. K12 etc.) can control themselves.
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